Peru Consulate in Houston

Consulate of Peru in Houston

Peru Consulate in Houston

Diplomatic representation of Peru. Information on consular services of the Consulate of Peru in Houston. On this website you will find general information about the Consulate of Peru in Houston.

Contact details of the Peru Consulate in Houston


Peruvian Consulate General in Houston, the United States 5177 Richmond Avenue, Suite 695 Houston Texas 77056 United States

Telephone Number:

(+1) (713) 355 9517 (+1) (713) 355 9438

Fax Number:

(+1) (713) 355 9377




Mr Carlos Rafael Polo Castaeeda - Consul General

Office Hours:


Consulates in Houston

Houston is the capital and most populous city of the US state of Texas.

Many consulates in Houston provide a wide range of consular services to Texas citizens as well as foreigners located or visiting Houston for tourist purposes or business activities.

When you are in Houston and in need of consular assistance from the Peru consulate you should contact them directly.

Assistance by the Peru Consulate in Houston

For additional consulate information please contact the Peru consulate directly. When there is no Peru Consulate located in Houston you can either contact a consulate in a neigboring state or contact the embassy in Washington. This website provides general address, phone and email information of foreign consulates located in Houston Texas. In Houston Texas you will find Honorory Consulates, Consulates-General and the bigger Consulate missions of foreign countries with the objective of holding a bilateral presence in the state of Texas. This website does not represent the official consulates specified on these pages but merely informs the public on contact details of the foreign consulates which have a presence in Houston..

Foreign Tourists in Houston - When you are a foreign visitor in Houston and you are in need of consular assistance you can contact the consulate of your homecountry. When there is no consulate of your home country present in Houston you can contact the embassy in Washington DC or a consulate located in a neigboring city or state. When the scope of your needed consular assistance is to big to handle by a Houston consulate you will be assisted with contacting the embassy in Washington.